Welcome to my site.

I write gritty, high octane fiction with a touch of terror and daring heroes and heroines!

My stories can be classified as either Horror, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy or Thriller depending on the tale.

For short fiction, try – Flashes of Darkness volumes 1 and 2.
Science Fiction action – Spacefarer: The Malbane Chronicles
Gritty Urban Fantasy – Irin Knight series.

Some say Edmund de Wight was found wandering the desert as a baby, others say his mother won him playing craps, yet others say that aliens were spotted near Vegas on the night he was brought into the world. Draw your own conclusions.
Edmund has always had a thirst to learn new things. He’s pursued such diverse careers as a carnival barker, a cryptologist and linguist in military intelligence, a computer technician, bartender, and owner of a small retail business.

He’s traveled the world and managed to see the entire USA with the exception of two states. Ed brings a wide worldview to his writing. For hobbies, Ed has pursued hobbies as varied as wood carving, relief printing, sword fighting, and of course, never-ending efforts at home remodeling.

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