Conrad touches the white mirror and the group plunges into the freezing realm before being deposited back in the room. The mirrors, as always, are gone and the doors are sealed.

    A dingy cabinet made of worm-eaten wood stands against the right wall. It once was painted a royal blue but the paint has long since peeled away leaving only hints of its former glory.

    “I don’t see any reason to delay,” he says. “How dangerous could a cabinet be?”

    Conrad saunters to the cabinet and flings the door open.

    “What in the six hells?”

    The cabinet is empty. The interior walls are as battered and worn as the exterior. In the center of the back wall is a crude yellow rectangle.

    “There’s a yellow square painted inside.”

    Lamia pushes the boy aside and stares into the cabinet.

    “That’s not a square, dummy, it’s a drawing of a door.”

    “But why a yellow door?” Safir peeks around the corner to see for herself.

    “Could be a clue, could be a warning,” Jora says. “Time will tell.”


    What choice should the adventurers make?